Robotic system for picking and placing plate-like products in stacks

Pick & Place robotic solution to automate the packaging process is developed in accordance with the concept Industry 4.0. This solution allows to make the process of packing plate-type products into individual packaging more efficient.

See the robotic system for shifting plate-type products into stacks in action

Designation of solution

This robotic system is designed for pick & place operations to form stacks of plate-like products made from various materials (perfect evenness and smoothness NOT required). It may be:

Robot operation speed

This robotic system allows to make up to 3 pick & place operations per second depending on the type of the product and customer needs. Such operation speed allows achieving the high production rate, while at the same time maintaining high quality of operations, which is especially important in food industry.

Quality inspection

The robotic system performs visual inspection (shape and color verification) of each product, which is carried out by machine vision. Bad products are omitted by the robot and are directed into the special place for rejections.

Packaging options

Different enterprises have different approaches to product packaging. We took into account these differences and ensured the possibility of adapting the option of stack forming. This robotic system can form stacks in three ways:

  1. by the quantity of plate-like products in a stack,
  2. upon reaching the specified weight in the stack or
  3. by the quantity of plate-like products per stack with simultaneous weight check.

Packaging option is selected in accordance with the needs of the Customer and can be adapted, if necessary, at any stage of the complex operation.

Additional options

If you are ready to automate also the process of placing the stacks formed into an individual packaging or packing machine, we propose the installation of an additional robot. Our specialists will take into account all your needs to make you manufacturing line more effective.

Material used and IP class

Robotic system material is stainless or painted steel. Degree of protection is up to IP69k. For food handling food grade material is used.

Operation conditions

The gripper of the robot is resistant to dirt, suspensions, dust, crumbs, which is especially important for food industry. In addition, the robot does not require perfect evenness and smoothness of the plate-like products for performing its tasks.