Automatic warehouse system

Robot-based solution in the area of intralogistics and storage developed in accordance with the concept INDUSTRY 4.0. Automatic warehouse system is designed for automation of warehousing activities such as placement of equipment / goods in the warehouse, inventory control, reception of equipment/goods from the warehouse and so on.

Solution advantages

Warehouse space optimization;

Reduction of storage costs;

Optimization of accountability, systematization and visualization of information about items stored in the warehouse;

Quick and easy search of items in the warehouse;

Quick receipt of an item from the warehouse;

No mistakes in warehouse operations.

See the automatic warehouse system in action

Warehouse features

Container or pallet handling operations inside the warehouse are performed by a specially-designed robot that doesn‘t require much space for movement, which allows to achieve the highest level of warehouse density (i.e. storage place filled with products).

The automatic warehouse is designed so as to prevent operators from entering into the storage area, where a simple, inexpensive robot manipulator does the job. This way two important results are reached: the items stored in the warehouse are safe, and the operations in the warehouse are performed by the robot requiring only minimal maintenance.

The warehouse can be adapted to the company’s needs at any stage. It means that at any moment there is a possibility to increase the number of racks or synchronize it with another warehouse, automatic or non-automatic, in a single controllable complex.

There is a possibility to add a second (third, … ) robot manipulator to increase delivery speed and ensure continuous operation.

Warehouse managements system

A dedicated warehouse management program (EEC EMS) is in charge of the warehouse intelligence.

The warehouse uses IoT protocol, which allows to receive a wide access to the information on the items stored via mobile app, PC or internet, as well as synchronize with other applications.

EEC EMS allows to integrate a few automatic or non-automatic warehouses in one system in order to synchronize their operations.

All the warehouse data can be viewed (or edited) by the authorized users who have different access level assigned.

Connection to an accounting database (optional)

Every item or good stored in a warehouse has its own commercial value, which is displayed in the accounting database. Most warehouse operations require as well to be treated by an accountant. It follows that these two databases: warehouse and accounting, constantly interact with each other. Working with one database leads to work with another database and vice versa. After analyzing this relationship, we decided to simplify the search, viewing and processing of information necessary for work with these two databases: we created an application hosted on the server that allows them to be synchronized. With this application performing the operations of accounting requires only the participation of two persons:

Technical characteristics of the warehouse

Technical characteristics of a basic version of the warehouse are described in the table below. However, we consider each project individually and adapt basic version according to the Customer need. Proposed adjustment you can also find in the table below.

Length 10 meters From 3.5 meters and beyond without limits
Width 5.5 meters From 2 to 5.5 meters
Height 5 meters From 2 to 5 meters
Length of the container 800 millimeters Up to 1200 millimeters
Width of the container 600 millimeters Up to 800 millimeters**
Height of the container 450 millimeters No technical limitations
Shape of the container
Bottom with supports Bottom with supports of flat bottom
Load weight 50 kilograms Up to 100 kilograms*
Number of places for containers 270 pieces Depends on the size of the warehouse
Power supply 220 V 220 V, 400 V AC or 48 V DC. No pneumatic
network required
*Load capacity over 100 kg is considered individually
**At the weight of 70 kg, the width of the container should be 800 mm