30.08.2022 944

We have moved!

We will be waiting for you at our new location: Meistrų str. 8, Vilnius

03.08.2022 1156

Siemens proucts available in our store

We are pleased to announce that UAB EEC Engineering became an official Siemens partner and authorized distributor of Siemens products.

29.07.2022 1006

EEC Engineering's birthday

EEC Engineering is 10 years old! Looking forward to the new automation challenges.

29.04.2020 2719

Industry 4.0 Vs. COVID-19

Could a more automated workforce have alleviated the economic damage COVID-19 has caused?

14.02.2020 2637

Industrial robotics

Industrial robots

10.12.2019 3298

Warehouse system

Automated storage and retrieval system. Modular system of active storage

28.05.2019 3401

Automated Control System

DCS – Distributed Control System and ACS – Automated Control System

07.11.2017 2062

Automatinis produktų dėliojimas - Pick and place

Robotizuota perkėlimo sistema