Automated control system

Distributed Control system 8S with improved safety requirements is an adaptable solution for a wide range of tasks of managing hazardous technological processes. Our systems have found applications at the facilities of the energy, petrochemical and machine-building industries. It is recognized as a safe and fault-tolerant process control system. The system itself is a modular, easily configurable set of hardware which can be expanded and scaled throughout the entire lifecycle.

Distributed control system and Automated control system is a mix of technological and software solutions, which is designed for control of technological equipment in industrial facilities. Automated data collection, data processing and technological process control require special solutions. In this case, ACS and DCS are built according to a hierarchical system and have a multistage structure.

There are three main levels:

Typically Distributed control system must support communication with other interconnected systems, such as ESD, PLC and etc. and must also be compatible with these signals.

Duplication of individual system modules should be used to increase system reliability. In a duplicated system, if one of the duplicate module fails, the processes on the terminal are not stopped. The system must be protected against switching to damaged or malfunctioning modules. In case of distributed control system or automated control system damage, an alarm system must cause a message to operators. Service and replacement of faulty modules are replacing or adding components without stopping or shutting down the system. The application of duplication of input/output modules must be set individually. Duplication of the Distributed control system and automated control system must include:

Automated control system and distributed control system allow You to solve many tasks oriented to technological process optimizations.