Software-Hardware complex for technological process automated control system

An adaptable solution for a wide range of tasks of managing hazardous technological processes. The system is designed to control and manage the technological equipment in industrial facilities according to the predetermined algorithm, implement emergency protection algorithms, collect, process and visualize data on the state of technological and service equipment and on the course of technological process.

System Features

System operation mode: on a round-the-clock basis.

System warranty period: minimum 24 months

Service life of the system: more than 10 years

Distributed architecture

The possibility of integration into existing automated control systems is provided.

The support for capacity scaling and further expansion of the system during operation is provided.

Programming is done in accordance with IEC 61131 standard.

System structure

Low level (field level): sensors, measuring devices, actuators. Technical equipment at this stage ensures the collection of the required information from the main technological equipment:

Middle level (control level): designed for implementation of emergency protection algorithms, description of algorithms for technological processes and service equipment operation mode. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) receive information from sensors, measuring devices about the state of technological process and give control commands in accordance with the programmed control algorithm for actuators (electrified valves, pump motors, electric valves and other devices). The CX-One Omron software package is used to program the controller equipment.

Top level (enterprise level): designed for controlling the course of manufacturing. Top-level software performs collection, visualization and dispatch (monitoring) of data on the course of the technological process. When data is received, the system automatically compares them with the set parameters and the operator will be warned about the deviation from the set parameters, thus allowing him to take the necessary actions. At the same time, the system records all operator actions and ensures the control of operator actions in case of emergency. To implement the human-machine interface as well as to visualize the progress of the technological process, this software and hardware complex uses Wonderware software tools. The development of the visualization system is carried out in full compliance with EU standards and norms and by taking into account the needs of the Customer.

System reliability

To improve system reliability the duplication of individual system modules are used. In a duplicated system, if one of the duplicate module fails, the processes on the terminal are not stopped. In case of control system damage, an alarm system will be activated and a message will be sent to operators. Service and replacement of faulty modules is performed without stopping or shutting down the system. The application of duplication of input/output modules must be set individually.