Automated conveyor systems

EEC Engineering offers project development services, supply and installation services for assembly lines, automated transport-distribution systems and warehouses

Prepares a technical task during implementation of the project according to the technical requirements of the Customer. Based on this further development is underway

Equipment is chosen according to the price-quality ratio of high reliability and optimum price. The Customer's preferences are taken into account when choosing the equipment. The recommendations for cost-effective and what minimum required spare parts and running materials will be needed. Training for equipment operation and repair personnel, technical support is provided to the Client's specialist

The company’s specialists also performs the modernization of existing automated transport-distribution systems. Modernization can only take place in a specific segment (according to the schedule) that allows the production process to continue

The composition of the automated transport-distribution system equipment witch which EEC Engineering could work is included:

Automated transport-distribution system equipment from EEC Engineering complies to CE directives, can be equipped with visualization systems, identification systems, upper level warehouse management system (WMS)

Complete transfer of equipment to Customer after testing of agreed program