Rotary Oven Trays Feeding Robotic System

Pick & Place robotic solution developed in accordance with the concept Industry 4.0. This solution allows our Customers to optimize the process of loading/unloading of technological equipment (such as trays or pallets). Robotic system can operate in collaborative mode (together with human).

See the robotic system for loading / unloading trays (pallets) into containers in action

Designation of solution

The robotic system is designed for loading / unloading trays or pallets into containers for the consequent baking, freezing or storing. The robotic system operates with no friction between trays (pallets) and the container shelves to avoid metal shavings or dust. When using this robotic complex in the food industry, food grade material is used.

Robot operation speed

The robotic system makes up to 10 pick & place operations per minute for a tray of 1000 mm х 600 mm size. Such operation speed allows achieving the high production rate, while at the same time maintaining high quality of operations. Operation speed could vary depending on the specificities of Customer project and Customer needs.

Operation mode

The robotic system is designed for a continuous operation with two containers alternately. Operation mode: 24/7. There is a possibility to use only one container. In this case, the robotic system stops during the container replacement. The number of containers used will be discussed with Customer at the design stage.

System composition

This robotic system consists of an industrial collaborative robot with a gripper, one or two container places with a trays (pallets) feeding system, a safety system based on a safety scanner with a set safety area and a protective fence, automation products for synchronization with the conveyor and a PLC-based control system.

Collaborative mode

The robotic system can be operated in a collaborative mode (together with human). In this case, the operation speed will be reduced in order to ensure safety for the employees working nearby. Operation in a collaborative mode requires NO safety scanner or a protective fence.


Characteristics of the robotic complex
Transfer cycle at rated load (load factor = 0.8) 7,5 s
Minimum transfer cycle value (load factor = 1) 6 s
Station dimensions* Width 2050 mm
Depth 1850 mm
Height 2200 mm
Characteristics of the baking sheet: Weight with products** up to 4 kg
Length p to 1000 mm
Width up to 600 mm
Container height up to 1800mm
*Dimensions are applied to the specified characteristics of the baking sheet
**Weight increase on request