Rotary Oven Trays Feeding Robotic System

Application area

The robot is designed for use in the bakery industry, where products are baked on trays in rotary ovens. The trays with dough pieces are placed in special baking containers. The RTC loads and unloads the trays into the containers automatically.



Station for unloading baking sheets from containers

Station for loading baking sheets into containers



Characteristics of the robotic complex
Transfer cycle at rated load (load factor = 0.8) 7,5 s
Minimum transfer cycle value (load factor = 1) 6 s
Station dimensions* Width 2050 mm
Depth 1850 mm
Height 2200 mm
Characteristics of the baking sheet: Weight with products** up to 4 kg
Length p to 1000 mm
Width up to 600 mm
Container height up to 1800mm
Operating mode of the robotic complex 24/7

*Dimensions are applied to the specified characteristics of the baking sheet
**Weight increase on request